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How To Be Promiscuous

How To Be Promiscuous

So maybe youre just one of those people who wants to go wild while they still have time. Having new experiences and experimenting with new people is part of the fun of being young. However, sexual promiscuity can be dangerous for your emotions and your health. How can you sleep around without getting yourself hurt or hurting anyone else?

First, when becoming promiscuous, you have to find truly willing partners. Going to parties or bars with friends is probably your best way to find a sexual partner, but when all else fails, social networking sites can be a good lead. Dress to impress and work the room. Be sure to have a pen on you to write down your phone number!

Try not make your decisions while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but if you do wind up with a partner whose name you cant remember in the morning, be sure to try following these other steps:

Prepare yourself and your partner for the casual nature of your relationship. Let him know up front that you are not looking for anything long term or serious, and you just want to have a good time. Let him know youre not interested in being monogamous right now and youre especially not looking to hurt anyone. This will help avoid too many hard feelings as things progress.

Always use protection when being sexually promiscuous. This cannot be stressed enough! When youre sleeping around, do your best to avoid picking up diseases and spreading them around to your other partners. Use condoms. Its also best to use a backup such as the pill, an IUD, or spermicidal jelly or film. If you have reason to suspect your method of birth control has failed, go at once to a local Planned Parenthood and get emergency contraception AKA the morningafter pill.

If you know who youll be sleeping with, try to find out in advance in the most nonawkward way possible whether or not he has any STDs. After all, many STDs cant be stopped by condoms alone, and you may find yourself regretting your course of action. Get tested regularly, just in case.

Above all, try to stay clean and have fun. This isnt about the rest of your life right now, its just about the moment. Keeping yourself safe means that when you look back on this chapter of your life, it wont be with regret.