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Just how deep is a woman

Just how deep is a woman

Vaginas vary greatly in depth, as, of course, does every part of the body.

The most relevant question is whether it going to be deep enough for a particular guy penis to go in and be used enthusiastically without hitting the cervix and thus causing great pain and possible bleeding.

In general terms, assuming that neither partner genitals differ too widely from the norm, they like to fit together quite well if the woman is just a couple of inches shorter in height than the man.

You don often see it nowadays gets operated on long before that stage but you used to see total prolapses of the uterus, where it pushed right down and turned the vagina entirely outside in procidentia certainly showed what that particular vagina had been like as far as depth was concerned. A large proportion of our great great grandmothers spent the last decades of their lives with a protuberance bearing a totallyremarkable resemblance to their husband penis

If an average woman vagina is 3 inches deep and expands just 1 more inch, then why is the size of a guy pecker prominent for good sex according to some women?

I think that i might be bleeding from my vagina because my bf is going too deep into me or maybe that he too rough. Are those possibilities to why I could be bleeding when im not on my period? What will happen to me if we keep having sex like this?

My girlfriends vagina starts to lose it wetness after so long, why does this happen? she still horny and excited her vagina just doesnt secrete juices