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Know about Different Wedding Traditions

Know about Different Wedding Traditions

In Chinese wedding traditions, couples drink goblets of wine and honey. More couples incorporate the jumping the broom practice into their weddings.

This custom is invented during the period of slavery when slaves are forbidden to marry. This is a way to express their commitment to one another. In African culture, they use brooms to remove evil from their homes and families. Some others think that this custom is a way to reject the evil that prohibits their union.

These weddings are filled with tradition, beauty and ritual. Traditions greatly vary between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews. Weddings should adhere more strictly to religious traditions if it is a traditional or conservative synagogue when compared to Reform or Reconstructionist synagogue.

Orthodox groom veil the bride in the ceremony prior to the actual wedding. Then groom signs a contract. It is a beautifully decorated document which consists of the promises that groom makes for the bride. The couple should cover their heads. Wedding is usually held in a canopy. After saying the vow, groom puts a gold band to brides finger.

4. Native American wedding traditions

There are various American tribes, whereas some wedding traditions are shared by several tribes. Some of these wedding traditions include:

Northern California wedding traditions: There are two traditions in Northern California Native Americans. They include half marriage and full marriage. In half marriage, man pays half the usual price for the bride. In full marriage, the man pays the total price of the bride. With his fathers help, he pays for the brides family. The future social status of the family and children depends on this price only.

Delaware traditions: The girl in this tradition who reached puberty may have a union prearranged by their parents. The couple lives together as man and wife. During the occasion, man gives jewelry, blankets or a belt of wampum to brides parents. If the parents accept those gifts, then they approve their relation.

Hopi tradition: In this tradition, either the male or female propose for the relation by presenting food gifts. Marriages are not permitted in this culture.