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Le Chevalier DEon

Le Chevalier DEon

It appears to be the final volume, even if the story has few, if any, resolutions. According to AmazonJP, v8 came out on 23 Feb 09, and I dont see a v9 anywhere.

Looking up that book reminded me about Pilgrim Jger, and Id consider ordering the books that Media Blasters didnt bother with if Amazon had v4 5 6 seem to be available. Given the dialogue intensiveness of that series, Im not sure how much Id get out of looking at pretty pictures, though. Did it even finish at 6, or was it another prematurely terminated series? ANN also only lists 6 books, but nothing about its conclusiveness. ;_;

I agree with what you mean with the intro, very atmospheric and grand which suited the series. I guess I preferred that the manga was a bit darker about a few aspects of the storyline, as well as the characters it doesnt hold back if you know what I mean.

The antagonists were also more fun in the manga I thought. I loved the development of Durand in the series though and obviously the series benefits from having a resolved ending of sorts which makes it a little more satisfying. What were your favourite aspects of the manga?