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Microderm Facial

Microderm Facial

A microderm facial begins by buffing away the top layers of dead skin cells and debris. This is accomplished by the use of a machine in a process called microdermabrasion. The procedure is followed by a traditional facial, which is more effective since the treatments can penetrate more deeply.

The equipment used for a microderm facial consists of a pump which sends tiny crystals of aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate through a tube at high speed. When they impact the skin, dead cells are removed, as if in a miniature sandblasting. The crystals and debris are then sucked out through another tube.

A microderm facial using this machine is highly effective in brightening dull skin, minimizing pores, and removing minor discoloration. A series of such treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. The procedure is painless and has no aftereffects except for a slight reddening of the skin.

There are several other techniques for exfoliating the skin, including alphahydroxy acids, fruit acids and creams containing scrubbing particles. Stronger acids can be used for chemical peels. Microdermabrasion falls between these two techniques: it can exfoliate more deeply than mild acids and scrubs, but not as deeply as a chemical peel. Since a peel can involve significant down time while the skin heals, a microderm facial seems to offer the best compromise in terms of effectiveness versus damage to the skin.