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RSoft Launches CDP

R1Soft Launches CDP 2

According to R1Soft announcement Monday, Windows CDP 2.0 marks the first generally available release of CDP for Windows and has been downloaded thousands of times since its beta release in August.The Windows CDP 2.0 Agent does not require special hardware and the company said it can be setup in as little as 15 minutes. R1Soft CDP technology uses special device drivers and is able to outperform competing products with entire server backups as often as every 15 comes to Windows CDP, there are three types of products, R1Soft vice president David Wartell said in a statement. first type is replicationbased CDP, such as CommVault and Falconstor. The second type offers nearContinuous backup protection, such as MS DPM and Symantec BackupExec. But only the third type offers true Continuous Protection, and that R1Soft.are telling us that replicationbased CDP products are just too expensive and too complicated to deploy widely. The second type of products all rely on MS VSS for Shared Folders API and are very limited in scale and scope. For example, Symantec BackupExec and MS DPM both have a hard limit of 256 recovery points per DPM server and they can only provide nearContinuous protection for a subset of the server file system. new version of CDP adds 32bit and 64bit Windows 2008 Server and Linux support, allowing customers the freedom to chooseoperating systems when it comes to Windows data protection.