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Vacation Every Weekend

Vacation Every Weekend

Vacation Every Weekend!by Pat Redmond

What else can you do with your airplane? The SERIOUS flyer has a plan that includes business AND pleasure! With proper planning, youll purchase the airplane that will do both for you.

and then turn around and do it again on Sunday! Sure, the drive is worth it when you can enjoy your upnorth retreat, but imagine how much easier it would be if you flew up in 1 hour. They include:

Leaving the family up north and commuting to the cabin midweek.

Being able to fly home for a Saturday soccer game with one of the kids and get back to the cabin.

Using the cabin every weekend of the summer even if you have a conflict on just one day. The whole weekend is not shot.

5 extra hours each weekend to relax at your retreat accumulate to 50 hours over a 10 week summer. Thats a full work week!

Most of us from the Midwest either have a winter place in the south, vacation to the south, or hope to own a place in the south someday. Your airplane will get you down there in about the same time as the airlines with their layovers and security checks.

With your own airplane, your once a year trip could become two or even three times to the south! Winter becomes tolerable and even enjoyable!

Dont have your own place in the south yet? Perhaps youre visiting parents and grandparents in their southern home.