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hearts set on pumpkin pie

hearts set on pumpkin pie

Dont mess with the pie.

Unless youre looking for a fight, that is, and there just might be one in my kitchen Thursday if the kids wake up to the aroma of turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce, but no pumpkin pie.

I think theyd probably revolt. Or at least pool their money, get the oldest to drive them to the store and buy their own thats how important the pie is.

Such scenarios are always a possibility when I suggest tampering with tradition. No need to get creative with the stuffing; Stove Top suits them just fine. Sweet potatoes? Dont even mention messing with the marshmallows. This year, I thought I might take a chance and make a few improvements on the typical pumpkin pie. Maybe even make a cheesecake instead.

Youd think Id suggested canceling the entire holiday.

Its not like I would completely abandon the pumpkin component. I just thought maybe a pumpkin cheesecake might be nice. Or maybe a pumpkin cheesecake with a layer of chocolate over the crust.

OK, so maybe our Thanksgiving dessert lineup just needs a little more chocolate. Or maybe a lot more can you ever really have enough?

As for the pumpkin pie, I decided not to give up on my cheesecake concept. The recipe I finally settled on, from Southern food diva Paula Deen, includes an 8ounce package of cream cheese, a cup of halfandhalf and plenty of pumpkin for my pie purists.

And did I mention the melted butter? This is, after all, a Paula Deen pie.

But Thanksgiving is no time to quibble about calories and cholesterol. So in went the cream and the melted butter, along with the cream cheese and a little extra ground ginger, just because its one of my favorite spices. You could leave it out or add a bit of nutmeg or allspice if youd rather.

The pie bakes for the better part of an hour, and the recipe calls for cooling it to room temperature before slicing unlike many pumpkin pie recipes that assume you have the time and/or willpower to refrigerate it for hours.

Im hopeful that my dont callitcheesecake pie will keep everybody happy, but maybe Ill make the recipe from the back of the canned pumpkin label, too just in case. And an apple pie for my dad. And pecan for Mom.