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Large manure spill threatens trout stream in SE Minn

Large manure spill threatens trout stream in SE Minn

PRESTON, Minn. Environmental officials are monitoring a potentially devastating situation in southeastern Minnesota after a significant manure spill near Preston.

Heavy rains in recent days caused a large concrete retaining wall to give way at a livestock facility in Fillmore County.

Fisheries experts estimate that a million gallons of raw manure has spilled from a holding lagoon and made its way into a fragile trout stream tributary called Newburg Creek southeast of Preston.

Lanesboro Area Fisheries Supervisor Steve Klotz reports the animal waste is headed for Wisel Creek and could cause tremendous pollution, sanitary problems and fish kills. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Email/Text Alert SignupDaily ForecastCabin CastInteractive RadarSkyscan 11 RadarSchool ClosingsMapsNationGrow with KARESimply ScienceScience and TechnologyEleven Who CareRace for the Cure CalendarHealth Fair 11Coffee with KAREGannett Foundation RequestsGreat Green ChallengeRecipesNFL: VikingsMLB: TwinsWNBA: LynxUSAToday High School Share your catchNHL: WildNBA: TimberwolvesAthlete of the Week Buy Tickets