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Mom says teen driver distraught over fatal pedestrian crash

Mom says teen driver distraught over fatal pedestrian crash

He pulled off right away, he jumped out. He called 911, the 911 operator answered. He said, Should I perform CPR? She said, Yes, so he started performing CPR until the policemen got there, the drivers mother told Channel 4 Action News Kelly Brennan.

The boy was driving on Howes Run Road in Fawn Township, Allegheny County, when police said he hit and killed 62yearold John Walters. The boy was being followed by his father in another vehicle.

Police said its believed that Walters stumbled onto the road when he was struck. The boys mother said her family has reached out to the Walters family.

Its going to be real tough for them, as it is for our family, too. This is such a small community. A lot of people know everybody, so that will be a big challenge. We did reach out to the other family already to offer our condolences, and hopefully they can get through this OK, too, she said.

She also told Brennan her son spent the afternoon at Allegheny County police headquarters to take a blood alcohol test and to have investigators review his cell phone. She said her son was not texting at the time of the crash.