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Tech Support and Conclusion

Tech Support and Conclusion

Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System ReviewCorsair continues to expand its product line with products every year that are basic to the needs of the computer hardware enthusiast. The speakers have a two year warranty. In the past, we have used Corsair RMA process to return memory and an H50 water cooling unit. Each time we had a painless experience. We have confidence that our readers would not have any problems either with other purchases. It is rare in the PC industry to find companies that still accept calls for technical issues.

We spent some time this month with a competitors speakers and it is difficult to decide which companys set is better. Corsairs control pod is intuitive and versatile, but its speakers are housed in hard plastic. The competitors are made of anodized aluminum, but their version of a speaker control pod is terrible.

Many users in our forums remain loyal to Klipsch and its 2.1 Promedia set of speakers. The Klipsch set was descent for its time, but the control pod, dynamic range, and overall sound reproduction of the SP2500 speakers are clearly superior.

For a 2.1 set, you will be hard pressed to find a better neutral listening experience and wide soundstage as good as Corsairs. Music playback was exceptional and gaming was phenomenal; the numerous DSP modes of the SP2500 are an excellent bonus.

If you are a music lover, these speakers will fulfill your PC listening needs. The sound separation is fantastic. The bass does not overpower vocals or any instrument. It highlights many instruments we occasionally do not notice on weaker speakers.

Gaming was exemplary as well. If you are a gamer and prefer speakers to headphones, these are an excellent choice. Pairing these speakers with a good gaming sound card is absolutely essential. If your input source is of high quality, your output will be the best it can be as well.

The one thing you might want to think about the fact that a proprietary ATX4 connection is used between the subwoofer and the speakers. These are 6 feet / 1.8 meters in length, each. If you are looking to place these further from the subwoofer that what might be considered the norm, you are going to run into an obstacle as you cannot just throw on some extra speak wire between the two in order to remedy this.

The Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Highpower 2.1PC Speaker System is exceptional and we have absolutely no reservations about recommending these. Assembly was extremely easy, the speakers look great, and performed well in all of our tests. Corsair makes excellent, innovative products and its SP2500 speakers are another reason why the company deserves your hard earned dollar.

You can currently purchase the Corsair SP2500 speakers at Amazon for $259.99 with Free Shipping for Prime or SuperSaver purchases. Considering how heavy these are, that is surely a good thing.