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The Best Online Source for Quality Ford Explorer A

The Best Online Source for Quality Ford Explorer A

This auto parts store adheres to Fords high quality standards so you can be confident to buy here Ford Explorer a/c condensers that are at par with the industrys best.

Like Ford Motor Company, Ford Parts Online stays close to the hearts of millions of Ford users by providing the best at very affordable deals. Ford Explorer, which is the worlds bestselling SUV for fifteen consecutive years now, certainly deserves the best replacement and aftermarket auto parts, too, so thats what this experienced Ford Parts Online store exactly gives.

In case you need replacement Ford parts for your Ford Explorer or other Ford vehicles, feel free to explore their site and find the suited parts for your Ford car, truck or SUV. Meanwhile, lets learn about the latest from Fords most successful SUV.

Ford Explorer is a midsize Sport Utility Vehicle launched by Ford in 1991. Since its debut, Ford Explorer never relinquished its post as the bestselling SUV in its class and today, with the introduction of the 2006 Ford Explorer, marketed by Ford as the Best Explorer Ever, it is foreseen to generate higher sales and thus, continue to dominate one of the hottest segments of the auto industry.

The 2006 Ford Explorer comes with a new interior highlighted by the new powerfolding 3rd row seats, redesigned suspension, and a new and stronger platform made by Magna International. With this upgrade, Ford Explorer promises improved handling, ride quality, riding comfort and safety.

Also new to the 2006 Ford Explorer is the optional threevalve 4.6 L SOHC V8 engine that shares the same variable cam timing and threevalve cylinder heads with the venerated Ford Mustang GT and Ford 5.4L F150 engine. Coupled by the available sixspeed automatic transmission, improved exhaust system parts like the Ford catalytic converter and Ford exhaust manifold, this engine offers more powerful performance, improved fuel economy and lower fuel emissions.

You can expect a more comfortable and quieter ride with the new Ford Explorer. The engines performance is enhanced by the new exhaust resonators and intake manifold that also reduce induction and exhaust sounds. The Climate control system or the A/C system is likewise improved, making it 30 percent quieter than before.

If you are going to look into the details of this SUV, you would see some changes as well. A new Ford door handle is integrated into the forward end of the armrest, which makes it easier for the passenger to open the door. Explorers rugged look is enhanced by the new 18inch chrome Ford wheels wrapped in allseason tires. With all these new exciting features, theres no doubt the 2006 Ford Explorer is the Best Explorer Ever.